The Speedy Internet Filter


SwiftGuard works fast. We utilize technology not used by any other Jewish filter on the market, to accelerate the filtering process and ensure that there is no drop in speed. No more lost time waiting for websites to load!




Our router (FREE rental for businesses) utilizes cutting-edge technology to avoid circumvention. The internet is constantly evolving. For this reason we are continually testing the filter, and if a hole is discovered it is immediately fixed.




Highly Customizable

The filter can be set up to block or unblock specific websites and categories based on a schedule that you choose. For example, for those using SwiftGuard at home, it can be set to block all websites during dinnertime. Or for business users, it can be set to only allow social networking sites during lunch break etc. You can also set different filtering levels for each computer.




Sign up with confidence! We strive to provide excellent customer service. However, if you aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days, we will provide a full refund.